Our goal is to design and manufacture energy-positive, carbon-capturing, and soil-producing facilities all around the world in a modular-scalable way. Using some of the most abundant, natural resources on the planet, we build these facilities in a sustainable, renewable manner, while accelerating the earth’s carbon-capture cycle by millions of years. Our efforts counterbalance the accelerated carbon footprint of our modern human society. ReGen is a way to create fuels from biomass and a migration path away from fossil fuel technology.


ReGen is a biomass conversion technology, centered on the regeneration of energy and carbon dioxide. Regen technology uses energy, limestone, and biomass to capture CO2 from the air and generate high quality CO2, BioMix, and fuels for sustainable uses. The ReGen process begins by feeding prescribed amounts of limestone and biomass to a bioreactor and adding energy over time, in a pre-programmed fashion and tailored to individual customer needs. The products from the bioreactor are collected and distributed.

CO2: High quality (pure) CO2 can be placed in depleted oil reservoirs, while at the same time, generating new revenue from the wells. As we move away from fossil fuels, pure CO2 can also be converted to gasoline in large amounts using chemical or biological processes.

Gaseous and liquid fuels: Gaseous and liquid fuels are also produced, which may be used directly or converted to higher value products.

Water: The water produced is salt-free and can be cleaned biologically for use in agriculture or for drinking.

BioMix: A collection of lime, charcoal, and biomass, BioMix yields live construction products which are biologically self-cleaning. When applied to fields and agricultural land, BioMix enriches and upgrades the soil. When used in a CAP Clean Air Plant (our biological air cleaning system), BioMix is a carbon capture system, removing CO2 from the air in large amounts.


ReGen technology captures CO2 from the air and generates pure CO2, and other useful materials. When BioMix is installed in CAP Clean Air Plants (see:, CO2 drawn into the CAP, yields solids, which are then applied to fields. These solids can also be fed back to the ReGen plants to make pure CO2 for re-sale. Portable ReGen plants, when placed at oil well sites, capture CO2 from the air and produce pure CO2, which can be used to generate new revenue from depleted wells. The CO2 is thus sequestered underground. There are over 100 billion barrels of oil available for recovery from depleted wells in the US alone.


BioMix is a solid powder consisting of a mixture of lime, charcoal, and BioOx natural enzymes. BioMix can be tailor-made for specific uses. As a soil enrichment product for depleted agricultural land, BioMix, helps with soil, water, fertilizer and pesticide retention, saving both money and topsoil, while reducing pollution runoff. As a construction material or protective coating, BioMix’s natural biological properties absorb toxins and continuously treat and clean surfaces. BioMix is an ideal product for public spaces, such as shelters, tunnels, roads, and buildings.

ReGen produces a special quality of material not found in the market. The lime is made from sustainable energy, as opposed to lime on the market which is derived from using coal, and includes coal impurities. The activated charcoal made from BioOx contains high quality, high surface area carbon, ideal for absorbing toxins efficiently. The addition of BioOx, a proprietary natural media, gives the mixture the ability to destroy toxins in real time. All this makes BioMix a unique product not made anywhere else in the world.


The ReGen technology has been validated on the bench scale during four research projects performed at the Sandia National Laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A new study, approved in 2013 to design a commercial scale ReGen bioreactor at Sandia Lab, is underway.

Our goal is to:
- build 1000 ReGen energy plants
- sequester 1 billion tons of CO2 annually
- generate $50 billion in annual revenue via technology development and licensing agreements
- create new use for captured CO2 to replace fracking and generate shale gas


ReGen is headed by Sam Sofer, a leader is the development of bio-based industrial products. David Podmayersky is senior advisor on sustainability and investment opportunities. Sidney Firstman is senior advisor for business development opportunities.

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